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Product Description

Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly S005M

The Primary Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly Code as stick to: 

NAH Series Pump CZPT Assembly:
1.5/1B-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : B005M
2/1.5 B-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : B005M
three/2 C-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : C005M
four/3 C-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly: CAM005M
4/3 D-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : D005M
six/4 D-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : DAM005M 
6/4 E-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly: E005M
eight/6 E-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : EAM005M
8/6 F-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : F005M
10/8 F-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : FAM005M
10/8 ST-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly:SH005M 
12/10 ST-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly  :SH005M 
fourteen/12 ST-NAH Slurry Pump CZPT Assembly : SH005M 

                                                    Bearing Assembly CZPT drawing

For sort -R,S,ST,T,TU,V bearing assembly,double rows taper roller bearings are equipped on the pump conclude.The axial gap might be not needed to adjust due to the fact the end pay may possibly be guaranteed by on their own. Apply oil or mild grease to bearing lands.The seal in the stop cover of bearing is employed of labyrinth and piston ring.Match rings to the groove of labyrinths,Placement piston ring gaps diametrically opposite.
It is advisable that lubricating grease employed in roller bearing should be No.2 OR 3,SY1412-75Lithium -dependent grease. The suggested initial amount of grease to be utilised for every single bearing is as pursuing desk throughout assembly.

Item Overview:

Naipu Pump packed making use of CZPT scenario with plastic films.

Steel Pump Parts:

Naipu® CZPT Slurry Pump includes Impeller,Throat Bush ,Body Plate Liner Insert,Frame Plate ,Protect Plate,Expeller,Expeller Ring, Shaft,Shaft Sleeve,Body,Bearing Assembly,Stuffing Box,Lantern Ring,Lantern Restrictor,Grease Retainer and many others.
The material of CZPT soaked stop areas is A05,A49,A51(A53),A61 and so on.
The material of shaft sleeve and Shaft CZPT r is C21
The material of the Go over Plate,Body plate,bearing entire body,frame is D21
The material of the Gland Assembly is D81
The content of the shaft and shaft crucial is E05
The substance of the Body,bearing body, Go over Plate ,Body Plate,Grease Retainer,Reduce Strainer is HT200
The material of the Shaft Sleeve can be J04,J05.

Rubber Pump Parts 

Naipu® CZPT Pump Components primarily include Impeller, Cover Plate Liner,Frame Plate Liner,Throat Bush ,Back again Liner.Reduced Strainer,Suction Gasket,Discharge Gasket,End Go over Gasket and many others.
The materials of the rubber parts
one.RU08,RU26 CZPT rubber, use for impeller
two.RU33,All-natural CZPT ,primarily utilized for cyclone liner,pump lining,impeller and many others.
three.RU38,All-natural CZPT ,primarily employed in impeller.
four.RU55,Normal CZPT ,mainly utilized in impeller and lining etc.
5.We also can do S01,S10,S12,S21,S42,U01,S44,S50,Y08 and many others.


Naipu Workshop:

We can be in support from CZPT ,Casting, Heat remedy ,Machining, Assembly,Screening etc. one dragon services.

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HangZhou Headquarters,
No.368 Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. North Highway,HangZhou Metropolis,ZheJiang Province,China.

Get in touch with Man or woman: Karen Tan 




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china Cheap Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly S005m manufacturers