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Merchandise Description

Centrifugal Pump Areas CZPT Assembly E005M

E005M Component Components:

Description Part Name Amount  Part No.
E005M Bearing, travel stop one 6580-6535 Timken
Bearing, damp end one 6580-6535 Timken
Seals two E089-10S10
Labyrinth seal kit two E062-10E62
Shim set one E571P10
Piston Ring 4 E108G02
Shaft Crucial 1 E070ME05
Shaft one E073ME03
Bearing Housing one E004MD21
End protect two E571-10E62
Grease retainers two E046E62
Labyrinth lock nut one E061E62

It is advisable to preheat bearing interior ring or cones(never exceed 120ºC),with shaft in vertical situation heated interior ring or cones can be slipped on and pressed or tapped up to shoulder or grease retainer.For the double rows of tapper roller bearings,its interior ring or corners,cup and spacer could be not interchangeable with equivalent assmblies of the exact same sort bearings.

For Type-R,S,ST,T,TU,V CZPT assembly,double rows taper roller bearings are equipped on the pump finish.The axial gap could be not essential to modify since the conclude pay out may be guaranteed by on their own.Implement oil or mild grease to bearing lands.The seal in the stop cover of bearing is utilised of labyrinth and piston ring.Suit rings to the groove of labyrinths.Place piston ring gaps diametrically reverse. It is advisable that lubricating grease used in roller bearing ought to be No.2 or 3,SY1412-75 CZPT ium-Dependent Grease.
The advised preliminary quantity of grease to be employed for every bearing is as adhering to desk throughout assembly.

Frame/Grams B C D E F R.RS S.ST T.TU
Drive Conclude 30 fifty one hundred 200 500 200 500 1150
Moist Finish 30 fifty a hundred two hundred 500 400 one thousand 2300

Merchandise Overview:

Bearing assembly also known as rotor assembly, pump elements assembly. It is a large diameter shaft with quick overhang minimizes deflection and contributes to CZPT bearing existence. Only four by way of bolts are necessary to maintain the cartridge type housing in the frame.
It is an essential part of slurry pump and the most crucial element of drive CZPT unit. The bearing assembly is to link the pump and motor of a whole total functioning program. Its secure operation will influence pump doing work and pump provider lifestyle right. 

Other Relevant Pump Parts:

Impeller is the most crucial component in pump operation,which is a rotor,rotating part of a centrifugal pump.There are primarily 3 sorts of slurry pump impeller: CZPT ,Semi-open and Closed. Vanes from 2-6.Entrance and rear shrouds have pump out vanes that minimize recirculation and seal contamination.When the slurry pump processing the sound combination,the most worn elements are impellers. 

Volute Liner is a curved funnel growing in area to the discharge port.It is frequently utilized with impeller pumps.As the region of the cross-segment increases,the volute reduces the pace of the liquid and boosts the stress of the liquid.The primary reasons of a volute casting is to help stability the hydraulic strain on the shaft of the pump.

Throat Bush 
The throat bush back links plate liner and varieties a pump chamber to operate with impeller.
Dress in is diminished and routine maintenance simplified by the use of tapered mating faces to permit constructive accurate alignment throughout assembly and straightforward removing. 

Body Plate Liner Insert 
Frame Plate Liner Insert is a single of damp areas of slurry pumps,it is also known as back liner given that its position in slurry pump.It kinds a pump chamber with throat bush and volute liner the place the slurry will circulation through them.

The rubber components are dress in resistant and corrosion resistant, usually utilised for acid operating situations,this kind of as tailing in mining sector, slurry with little particles and no rough edges. The whole displacement component includes Include Plate Liner, Throat bush, Body plate liner, Frame Plate Liner Insert. The rubber spare parts material is natural rubber, artificial rubber, EPDM CZPT , Nitrile CZPT , Fluororubber or any other as requests,which assures exceptional efficiency like wear resistance, chemical resistance , waterproof and greater working temperature selection from -40-75ºC.


Naipu Workshop:

We can be in support from CZPT ,Casting, Heat treatment method ,Machining, Assembly,Tests etc. 1 dragon services.
We have CZPT CZPT Workshop,there are CZPT CZPT ,Aluminum CZPT ,Misplaced Foam CZPT CZPT ,Wax CZPT and many others.
Naipu own CZPT Workshop,largely Sand CZPT and Lost Foam CZPT and CZPT CZPT .
Naipu very own Warmth treatment Workshop, right after out of furnace,the hardness are in accordance to the complex need.
Naipu possess Machining Workshop,we are specialist from rough machining to end machining.
Naipu very own Assembly Workshop, CZPT mechanicians are experienced in assemblying as we experienced about thirty a long time expertise in this area.

Good quality Management Technique:

Naipu own  Inspection Workshop, CZPT y buy every single components we will do the check ahead of shipping.


As a professional pump manufacturer,we constantly stick to the theory of technology and quality will come 1st. At NAIPU CZPT , we strictly adhere to the ISO9001 Common and CE Certification and other sector standards as requests.

We set CZPT examine points together the complete production line,which all through Uncooked Content,Charging Substance,Surface area and Warmth Treatment method checking,Materials Evaluation,Spare Tests and Pump Tests and so forth.

We have set up a strict QA and QC method,we can offer good quality manage records this kind of as “Spectrum Detection” “Metallographic Microscope Inspection” “Block Examination”  “Ultrasonic Flaw Detection” ” Penetration Screening”and so on. And connected take a look at studies to CZPT consumers if necessary, these kinds of as ” Material Test Report ”  ” Dimensional Examination Report ”  ” Rotor Balancing Examination Report ”  ” NDT Examination Report ”  ” Hardness Inspection Report ” and so forth.

Over all,we consider every processing of the top quality control strictly,ensure that each pump and spare to appreciate outstanding high quality and dependable overall performance.

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How does a tapered bushing function? The tapered part of the part is driven by means of a high-power screw with a mating hub, permitting the bushing to be securely fastened to the shaft. The pressure of the clamp can transmit higher torque (rotational drive). This style makes certain that a effectively put in sprocket and pulley shaft are aligned with straightforward positioning.
china factory Centrifugal Pump Parts Bearing Assembly E005m manufacturers