china Custom 85mm Magnetic Drilling Machine with Morse Three Taper Shank manufacturers

Solution Description

Solution Group: CZPT ic Drill Series>full practical magnetic drill
Product Name: KCY-eighty five/3WD
Reliable brass guide rails guarantee
An oprimum slide advice
The parameter of KCY-eighty five/3WD:
Max main drilling diameter: 85mm
Max twist drilling diameter: 32mm
Tappin: 27mm
Max. Countersunk drilling diameter: 40mm
Max. Reaming diameter: 32mm
Shifting diameter bush: 3#mohs taper shank
Drilling:? 85mm
Voltage: 220V-
Max. Attraction: 16800Nated enter CZPT : 2280W
NO-load speed: -two hundred/330/410rmp
Max. Travel: 250mm
Magnetic drill is a variety of electric tool for adhering and drilling on the horizontal amount, facet face and top confront, and widely employed in the creating, bridge building, and ship building industries and so on. You can use the magnetic drill when you can not use drill press and electrical hand drill to drill huge metal workpieces or in subject procedure. They are practical and small, and can lowering work power and improve the machining accuracy and effiency.
Notes: You should use reducing fluid of high top quality in the approach.

one. CZPT CZPT withsmall measurement and light-weight excess weight,
two. Multi-Switching gear velocity-regulation.
three. With continual CZPT , gentle-beginning anf electic stepless velocity-regulation,
four. With over-loading defense making use of electic speed-regulation,
five. CZPT adhesion,
six. With coolant and lubricant integrateddevice.

TB 1610-twenty five Taper Bushings are regular tapered bushings used to lock pulleys, wheels, couplings and other factors on generate shafts. Bushings have tapered outer surfaces and cylindrical bores with H7 tolerances, such as regular keyways. When secured, the assembly is in a position to transmit torque while making certain that it is not afflicted by axial displacement.
china Custom 85mm Magnetic Drilling Machine with Morse Three Taper Shank manufacturers