china Cheap High Precision Linear Slide Needle Bearing Kh1026 Kh1228 manufacturers

Solution Description

High CZPT CZPT Slide Needle CZPT Kh1026 Kh1228

Variety: CZPT
Precision Rating: P0 p4 p6
Material: CZPT steel Gcr15 and Carbon steel

Linear CZPT
one. Size: From 4 to 50mm
2. Series: LM…UU, LM…AJ, LM…OP
3. CZPT precision
4. CZPT provider

Packaging Depth: Solitary box+plastic bag, as for every client’s need
Shipping Depth: 5-15 working days

“UU” indicates rubber seals on the both sides of the CZPT sort bearing 
“LM” means metric normal type 
“LME” implies inch standard type 
“OP” indicates open up type 
“AJ” means adjustment type*LM…UU: LM…(sylinder), LM…OP(open variety), LM…AJ(clearance adustable) 
*LME…UU: LME…(sylinder), LME…OP(open kind), LME…AJ(clearance adustable), LM…UU & LME…UU: CZPT type 
*KH: CZPT -precision mini bearing
Linear bearings are widely employed in electronic tools, tensile testing machine
and the electronic a few-dimensional coordinate measuring tools, precision gear,
and multi axis equipment instruments, presses, device grinder, computerized gas cutting equipment,
printer, card sorting device, meals packing devices and other industrial machinery sliding elements

Other sequence:

KH 1026 KH10
KH1026 KH10
KH 1026 PP KH10-PP
KH1026-PP KH10-PP
KH 1228 KH12
KH1228 KH12
KH 1228 PP KH12-PP
KH1228-PP KH12-PP
KH 1428 KH14
KH1428 KH14
KH 1428 PP KH14-PP
KH0824-PP KH08-PP
KH1428-PP KH14-PP
KH0824-PP KH08-PP
KH 1630 KH16
KH0824-PP KH08-PP
KH1630 KH16
KH 1630 PP KH16-PP
KH1630-PP KH16-PP
KH 2030 KH20
KH2030 KH20
KH 2030 PP KH20-PP
KH2030-PP KH20-PP
KH 2540 KH25
KH2540 KH25
KH 2540 PP KH25-PP
KH2540-PP KH25-PP
KH 3050 KH30
KH3050 KH30
KH 3050 PP KH30-PP
KH3050-PP KH30-PP
KH 4060 KH40
KH4060 KH40
KH 4060 PP KH40-PP
KH4060-PP KH40-PP
KH5070 KH50
KH 5070 PP KH50-PP
KH5070-PP KH50-PP


LM sequence LMF Collection ST sequence KH0622PP
LM4812UU LMF254058UU ST8UU KH1026PP
LM51015UU LMF162837UU ST10UU KH1228PP
LM61219UU LMF61219UU ST12UU KH1428PP
LM81524UU LMF81524UU ST16UU KH1630PP
LME81625UU LMF101929UU ST20UU KH2030PP
LM101929UU LMF122130UU ST25UU KH2540PP
LM122130UU LMF122232UU ST30UU KH3050PP
LME122232UU LMF132332UU ST35UU KH4060PP
LM132332UU LMF162837UU ST40UU KH5070PP
LM162837UU LMF162636UU ST45UU  
LME162636UU LMF203242UU ST50UU  
LM203242UU LMF203245UU ST60UU  
LME203245UU LMF254058UU ST6B  
LME254058UU LMF254059UU ST8B  
LM254059UU LMF3 0571 4UU ST10B  
LM3 0571 4UU LMF35718UU ST12B  
LME35718UU LMF355270UU ST16B  
LM355270UU LMF406080UU ST20B  
LM406080UU LMF406280UU ST25B  
LME406280UU LMF5 0571 10UU ST30B  
LM5 0571 10UU LMF557100UU ST35B  
LME557100UU LMF6 0571 10UU ST40B  
LM6 0571 10UU LMF6 0571 25UU ST45B  
LME6 0571 25UU   ST50B  

How does a tapered bushing function? The tapered portion of the part is pushed by means of a higher-strength screw with a mating hub, enabling the bushing to be securely mounted to the shaft. The force of the clamp can transmit higher torque (rotational power). This style makes certain that a successfully set up sprocket and pulley shaft are aligned with simple positioning.
china Cheap High Precision Linear Slide Needle Bearing Kh1026 Kh1228 manufacturers